E c k h a r d    B e s u d e n
About me

I'm just an autodidact. My attempts to become an artist began, when I saw paintings from Peter Kuckei in Emden, and they ended in an artistic disaster. In 1984 I applied for a course of study at the HDK in Berlin - in my eyes then the "only real" University of art.
The first and most simple step in the selection procedure was the submission of a portfolio. In those days all the German modern Artists of choice were abstract for sure. I submitted photorealistic drawings. My portfolio was rejected and on my request I was told mutatis mutandis that photorealistic figurine interpretations in the outgoing 20th century regrettably were absolutely passé and that the university didn't have to make up for the failures of my school.

So I became only a painter, not an artist, but to paint is a thing I simply have to do.

In my “post Richter / Baselitz generation” Neo Rauch is the most significant artist for sure. I think, we have the same opinion but not the same way.